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Last Updated: Monday, 24 October, 2005, 09:16 GMT
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IST - Industrial Software Technologies - Website Help - Software.Hardware.Professionalism.

Main sections

Welcome to Industrial Software Technologies website. We want to help you to better understand and use our site.

For an easy web site information access and navigation, every page (excepting the main page) follows a four main parts division pattern:

Main menu

Main menu is displayed under the page banner on the top side of the page and provides access to the category organized company information:

The main menu options are subject to minor changes.

Context menu

Context menu which is located under the main menu and displays the context information about the current web page and a link (on the right) to the help page:

The purpose of the context menu is to identify the current user position in the web site tree structure and permit direct access to the top/parent pages. Context menu content depends of the current page is displayed.

Content area

Content area wich is the middle part of the page displays the information/content regarding to the current selected page.

Secondary menu

Secondary menu is displayed in the bottom side of the page and provides access to the web site technical options:

Please read the legal information page about this site and IST company.

*NOTE: Industrial Software Technologies reserves the right to change web site content in order to improve web site according to company strategy and customer feedbacks.

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