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Frequently asked questions 

Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December, 2005, 06:34 GMT
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FAQ: Professional IT Help - Industrial Software Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Web What is a web site?

A web site is an electronic presentation, which contains formatted textual, visual and audio content. It is composed from one or more text files, usually written in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) format, images, music, etc.

These files have a main entry page, usually called 'home page' and an indefinite number of secondary pages.

The purpose of a web site can be: business presentation, personal presentation, organization presentation, on-line sales, etc.

A web site must be hosted on a server which is connected 24/7 to the Internet. It is accessed by the visitors using a web browser.

Web Should you host your own web server?

Hosting a website yourself, is almost always a bad idea. The minimum cost of doing so is hundreds of dollars if you want to provide to your visitors a web site that will stay up 24 hours a day, 7 day a week and provides quality Internet access to you visitors.

Additionally you will need at least medium operating system administration skills to monitor the server and protect yourself from Internet attacks and hardware knowledges to monitor and repair the server machine.

To avoid problems with hosting a web site, we recomend to get web hosting from a specialised company.

Networking What is an IP address?

An IP address is a numerical address of a computer connected to a local network or Internet, usually written in four numbers format (ex: separated by dots.

IP addresses are used to identify a computer in a network and to communicate with other computers through standard low level communication protocols such as TCP/IP and UDP.

Networking What is an DNS Server?

A Domain Name Server (DNS) is a software program, listening for requests on a standard port (53), which resides on a machine always (usually) connected to the Internet. Basically it provides a service, for a specific Internet domain, to translate a named address into an IP address.

For example a web browser needs to connect to the named address It first 'asks' the DNS for the IP address of and then connects to web server running on the machine with obtained IP address.

IP addresses are used to communicate on local networks or on the Internet. Named addresses are used for convenience, they are easy to remember.

Web What domain name should you choose?

You should register a domain with a name which is close to your business name or activity, or site purpose. There cannot be two domains with the same name, so you should check first if the desired domain is still available. An example of domain name is: ''.

Nonprofit organizations should consider registering in the .org domain. Educational institutions can register .edu domains.

Although domain names can be quite long, it is not recommended that domain names to be longer than about 20 characters because users will not remember them or want to type them.


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