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Last Updated: Monday, 19 September, 2004, 09:16 GMT
Dorin Sirbu, Company CEO - Industrial Software Technologies - Software.Hardware.Professionalism.

Dorin V. Sirbu, Company CEO

Dorin Sirbu is founder and chief executive officer of the IST company since December 2003. Prior to this position Mr. Sirbu was a successfull, with no compromise to quality, passioned senior software engineer. At the end of the year 2003 he decided to face the challenge and advance to the next level: build a company that will follow and extend his principles.

Mr. Sirbu's vision from the beginning was that everybody should benefit from new technologies, that business should become much easier to manage, more competitive and more productive, and life should become more fun and much easier. Also he thinks that new technologies should bring less usage complexity and more benefits.

Mr. Sirbu believes, that in order to create a professional and successful solution we need to rely on our past, our present and the future. From the past we take our experience and knowledge, from the present we take our passion, dedication and latest technologies. For the future we must provide a strong business analysis and strategy.

His expertise in multiple base subdomains of IT permits to visualise the whole problem and take the right decisions for customers from the business and technical point of view in the same time.

"The products quality and usefulness
drives a company into the future."

Sirbu V. Dorin

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